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Technical operations management by windpunx

Your wind turbine needs a solid foundation – just like your technical operations management. We are one of the leading teams in Germany. Why? Because of our extensive experience and know-how.

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Doing it the punx way

The services provided by windpunx

We climb up towers and analyze digital data. We program apps and shovel snow. We measure the oil level and go to the stock market. In short, we do everything so you get the most out of your wind turbine.


  • Efficiency control
  • 365-day monitoring
  • Constant data query
  • Monthly facility inspection
  • Archiving for over ten years


  • Analysis of all facility parameters
  • Yield analysis
  • Availability analysis
  • Malfunction analysis


  • Recurring check
  • Video endoscopies
  • Rotor blade test
  • Foundation check
  • Cable network check


  • Manufacturer controlling
  • Monitoring of all repair, maintenance and servicing work
  • Coordination of manufacturers, suppliers, authorities and supply service providers
  • Elimination of minor defects
  • Implementation of legal requirements


  • Immediate fault detection and communication to operator, manufacturer and insurance company
  • Monthly and semiannual report
  • Customer meetings


  • Pathway maintenance
  • Maintenance of green spaces
  • Winter service


  • Commissioning assessment
  • Warranty expiry assessment
  • Damage assessment
  • Noise and shadow flicker assessment


  • Direct marketing
  • Optimizing cost of power
  • Calculating losses of yield
  • Enforcement of availability guarantees
  • Insurance management
  • Handling of REMIT reporting requirements

In the field and in the app

Innovative solutions for reporting and documentation

Ten years ago technical operations management meant that wind turbine supervisors tested the unit, monitor oil levels, entered numbers and documented faults in the field. That remains a central element of what we do. However, because the requirements of the electricity markets and power utilities have changed radically, other things are involved: the most rapid information and most complete documentation possible as well as constant analysis and suggestions for improvement.

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Our Products

  • Windpunx Wingmaster

    Real-time performance data via App

    In Wingmaster we offer you the first wind farm evaluation app worldwide. Up-to-date performance data, efficiency comparisons, wind forces: here you see in real time how your facility is working

    App for iOs, Android and Blackberry
  • Windpunx Sitemaster

    Monthly maintenance reports via App

    Our operations managers, too, work on a networked basis. The defects faults detected within the scope of the monthly inspections are entered in the Sitemaster app -– developed by us –- directly on site. Cracks in the tower base, a pool of grease on the steps, rags in the walkway – the app sends the results directly to the monthly report of the monthly reporting system. Your advantage: malfunctions are avoided, the process of documentation is made more transparent and compact.

    App for iOs, Android and Blackberry
  • Windpunx Powerbox

    Monitor the availability of your facilities

    With our control center, staffed around the clock, we monitor the availability of your facilities not every month or week, but at every moment. Technical defect, bad weather front: as soon as something impairs the availability of your wind farm, transformer or transfer station, we set a chain of events in motion that results in the solution of the problem.

    Monitoring System

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Electricity has to flow

Asset Management by windpunx Economics

In 2012 legislators opened the market for all players in the sector by amending the Renewable Energy Act. As of 2014, operators have had to sell their electricity on the electricity stock exchange in order to fully exploit their own entrepreneurial opportunities. Since then, direct marketing has become an elementary part of any wind farm management.

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