Taking you by storm

Technical operations management by windpunx

Your wind turbine needs a solid foundation – just like your technical operations management. We are one of the leading teams in Germany. Why? Because of our extensive experience and know-how.

But also because we like to tackle challenges and think for ourselves. We may not solve problems in the usual way, but we do things in the right way for you. Wind power is the future, breaking new ground, opening up new prospects – this pioneer spirit is our incentive.

We don’t want the operations management of your facilities to be a gentle breeze, but a powerful gust. We want you to get service that surpasses your expectations. We want you to get documentation that is complete and exceptionally extensive. We want you to be able to use technologies that no one else has. And above all, we want your facilities to be able to unfold their full potential.

Let’s put it this way: We want to take you by storm.