Electricity has to flow

Asset Management by windpunx Economics

In 2012 legislators opened the market for all players in the sector by amending the Renewable Energy Act. As of 2014, operators have had to sell their electricity on the electricity stock exchange in order to fully exploit their own entrepreneurial opportunities. Since then, direct marketing has become an elementary part of any wind farm management.

The ways of achieving optimum marketing are diverse. Risk, profit and philosophy – all of that has to match your needs precisely. Municipality, your own electricity label, listed company: anyone seeking the best result has to be flexible and able to adapt to different requirements.

We are your guide through the jungle of direct marketing. We know the ways leading to the goal and find the solution that precisely meets your needs.

Optimizing power costs

No matter whether a follow-up contract or a new wind farm is involved, we find the right power utility for your needs and support you in optimizing the power costs. Conventional power supply at favorable terms, green power for green power, self-sufficiency for yourself and the end consumer market through your own electricity label – let us develop the optimum solution for you also in terms of power supply!

Enforcing availability guarantees

If your facility was not available to the contractually stipulated extent during a period under review, you are entitled to a refund. However, it is often difficult to obtain this refund. Your service provider arrives at different numbers, the negotiations are complicated. We have the professional arguments and know-how to determine your claim precisely – and enforce it.

Insurance management

One insurance is not like another. Only a precisely tailored contract really protects you as and when required – and saves you cash. We work together with the specialists in the sector and develop with them insurance solutions that exactly match your risks. From the first talk to the final policy: this is how insurance management by windpunx works.

REMIT reporting

REMIT is EU Regulation No. 1227/2011 on the integrity and transparency of the wholesale energy market. It means that operators have quite a bit to do: after registration of the facility at the German Federal Network Agency transaction and fundamental data have to be reported constantly. In addition, any unavailability having an influence on the market, e.g. planned and unplanned reductions in capacity, has to be indicated. We know how it’s done and offer you full service for REMIT reporting.